2019 | Week Ten

This week was tough for me. It started with the worst ear pain I’ve ever experienced accompanied by a migraine. I wasn’t very inspired and struggled to stay as motivated as I usually am. I didn't take any photos partly because of the hard week I had and partly because I’m attempting to be more mindful with the photos I share online of Theo.

It’s hard to find a balance when my art is sharing the beautiful things in ordinary life.

I’m sure I’ll find some kind of happy medium as I stumble along my way.

I didn’t think I’d have a photo to share this week when I opened the backdoor of our house to a gift from one of our chickens. Her very first egg! We have been waiting and waiting for spring and the first egg is a sign that SPRING IS COMING!!! So thankful for this gift today… I needed it!

2019 Week 10-1.jpg