2019 | Week Four

Prepare yourself for a total of 71 photos. Ha! We’ve had a wonderful week. Theo started wanting to pick out his own clothes and is quite stylish with his button up shirt + sweatpants combo. He also started to really read for real and it’s been just the best. He played with Legos for approximately 12829028 hours (I love how he sorts his legos into piles,) played chess and practiced piano.

This weekend we took a trip to celebrate his upcoming birthday and brought one of his cousins along. This nature loving kiddo was in heaven! We hiked and then stayed in a cabin on a horse farm. There weren’t many toys in the cabin, and once again my views on minimalist living were confirmed. The boys played for hours with a few plastic dinosaurs, blankets and Jenga blocks. We sat and drank tea, walked down to see the horses and read. It was so refreshing and I cried on the way home because I can hardly wait till it’s our turn to live in the country.