2019 | Week Four

Prepare yourself for a total of 71 photos. Ha! We’ve had a wonderful week. Theo started wanting to pick out his own clothes and is quite stylish with his button up shirt + sweatpants combo. He also started to really read for real and it’s been just the best. He played with Legos for approximately 12829028 hours (I love how he sorts his legos into piles,) played chess and practiced piano.

This weekend we took a trip to celebrate his upcoming birthday and brought one of his cousins along. This nature loving kiddo was in heaven! We hiked and then stayed in a cabin on a horse farm. There weren’t many toys in the cabin, and once again my views on minimalist living were confirmed. The boys played for hours with a few plastic dinosaurs, blankets and Jenga blocks. We sat and drank tea, walked down to see the horses and read. It was so refreshing and I cried on the way home because I can hardly wait till it’s our turn to live in the country.

2019 | Week Three

It’s been a quiet week around here. We’re embracing winter and reading a lot while snuggled under blankets. Thanks to the hubs for snapping a few photos of me doing what I love most.

2019 | Week Two

Week two of 2019 is nearing the end and this is what we’ve been up to!

We thoroughly enjoyed the sunny days.
There was lots of chicken and rabbit snuggling.
The 2nd anniversary of my sister’s death came and we celebrated her life with yellow tulips and some tears.
Theo learned how to turn on the gas stove and cooked ravioli for us.
We’ve finally figured out the key to getting Theo interested in art and his drawings are covering the fridge.
The snow came on Christopher’s day off and we had so much fun!
We’ve begun the long process of international adoption which means we’re reading the files of children all around the world and I want to adopt every. single. one.
We’re going to need a bigger house, and about 2 million dollars.

Bedtime with the Moore Family

When Catherine asked me to come spend the evening with them documenting their bedtime routine I couldn’t be more excited. These are the simple things that are worthy of being remembered.

A letter to my dear clients:

A letter to my dear clients:

You have opened your homes and your hearts to me in 2018. You welcomed me into your families and I do not take the gift that you’ve given me lightly. When I looked through photos from 2018 my eyes teared up as I thought of all the incredible moments I was present for. I watched your babies cry, your kids fight, and then hug and say sorry. I watched you become family when you welcomed me into your adoption day. I met your in laws who were over for family dinner. I adventured with you through hiking trails that left me covered in mud at the end. I sat with you in the quiet of your home while you nursed your baby. I witnessed epic family dance parties, card games and the birth of a sweet little girl.

There are not enough words to share the gratitude I feel towards you all. It takes humility, bravery, vulnerability and such love to invite me into your sacred spaces.

Documentary photography is different than what a lot of you are used to, but you trusted me. You trusted my vision, you trusted me enough to put your phone down and be present and you trusted me when I didn’t pose you or try to make your toddler smile for every photo.

I learned a lot this year and found my voice through photography. I am looking forward to many more beautiful ordinary days with you all. Thank you for supporting my family and giving me the gift of staying home with my child while doing what I am passionate about.



Holiday Mini Sessions 2018

These mini sessions were so much fun this year! I love the opportunity to connect with so many clients and friends in one day! These mini sessions are always quick, easy and fun for these sweet families. Here’s few of my favorites from this year!