A Day in the Life of the Mattei Family

I had the unique pleasure of spending a whole day with this amazing family soon after they added a new little one to the crew. Julia’s mom, sister and grandma were there and it blessed my soul to see the women of her family loving her and her family well. I’m SO looking forward to more of these sessions. It is such a gift to be invited into the beautiful ordinary life of so many people.

Spring Mini Sessions

This set of mini sessions was so much fun! I always enjoy mini sessions days so much. It feels like one big party where I get to meet new people and see old friends. I love it!

Shoutout to Honey and the Bee Photography for lending me her cute little yellow couch for these sessions!

2019 | Week Eleven

This week we got to take a hike at Pickle Springs Nature Area with our wild and free friends and it was absolutely beautiful! We also started working in our garden to get it ready for spring. This is my favorite time of year!

p.s. I’ll say it’s my favorite time of year again in the summer and the fall. It’s just how I roll.

2019 | Week Ten

This week was tough for me. It started with the worst ear pain I’ve ever experienced accompanied by a migraine. I wasn’t very inspired and struggled to stay as motivated as I usually am. I didn't take any photos partly because of the hard week I had and partly because I’m attempting to be more mindful with the photos I share online of Theo.

It’s hard to find a balance when my art is sharing the beautiful things in ordinary life.

I’m sure I’ll find some kind of happy medium as I stumble along my way.

I didn’t think I’d have a photo to share this week when I opened the backdoor of our house to a gift from one of our chickens. Her very first egg! We have been waiting and waiting for spring and the first egg is a sign that SPRING IS COMING!!! So thankful for this gift today… I needed it!

2019 Week 10-1.jpg

2019 | Week Nine

This week for school we learned about our neighborhood! We used to live in one of the smallest neighborhoods in St. Louis and moved to the largest one last year. We enjoyed looking at maps, talking about the history of Dutchtown and checking out some of the local parks and shops.

2019 | Week Eight

I didn't get my camera out this week until today! I’ll do better documenting next week. We’re enjoying a visit from Theo’s Indiana grandparents this weekend. We checked out the new museum at the Arch and went to the top even though the view was severely limited with the fog today.

A Glimpse of the Sutton Family

A typical Saturday in the life of the Suttons. Reading, dance parties, walks and delicious food! This family and their home is so full of love and I’m grateful to have gotten a behind the scenes look at how they do life!